Our Blue Devil Monster Is In L-O-V-E

Hello friends! 

Our monster is surely in trouble now.  It may seem like he has no chinks in his armor in the beginning, but alas, like every living thing in the universe, he does have his own Achilles Heel after all.  

And our two feisty and very resourceful heroines, Claire and Jaycee, don’t know quite what to do about this new revelation.  How do they proceed?  Does this new knowledge end up being more of a problem than a solution?  Read on and you’ll get some clues about that!  

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It was time to bring out the big guns.  And go to war.  

Jaycee brushed an errant strand of bright red hair from her eyes and shook her head.  This was a lot to absorb.  Her brain was working overtime to come up with a reply.  At last all she could say was “No shit!”  It was feeble and not at all like her to be without a glib response, but, given what Catherine had just said it was at least something.  

Catherine, the spiritualist, sat in the large chair in the living room as if she were a queen presiding over her court.  She was regal, authoritative, and damned scary.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, she smiled.  Jaycee’s words seemed to amuse her.  “Of course this is startling.  I can understand that. You both have so much to learn.  And there is little time.”  Though she spoke warmly enough, her eyes bespoke a  haughtiness that could not be missed.  

This time it was Claire who replied from in the kitchen.  ” I personally find it hard to comprehend.  This…..this what did you call him?”  

Der Blaue Teufel.”  Catherine supplied.  

“Yes, thanks.  Der Blaue Teufel actually falls in love?  How is that possible?  It rips people apart and eats them.  That makes it hard to see him as a romantic figure.”  Claire raised an eyebrow at Jaycee who was snickering at that.  

Catherine accepted the glass of California wine that Claire offered her.  “He’s much more complicated than just a monster.  That is one of the reasons why he is so hard to defeat.”  

Both Claire and Jaycee stopped and stared at Catherine.  It was Jaycee who spoke this time. ” But…..he can be defeated?”  

Catherine set her wine glass down and crossed her legs.  She was elegantly dressed today, all in black again, though it was 90 degrees outside, and yet she looked as cool as could be. Her strange, catlike eyes danced when she spoke, and there was always that bit of mystery about her.  There was always something she omitted, purposely, waiting instead for a direct question before revealing everything.  “Yes, Jaycee.  Der Blaue Teufel can be defeated.  But it will take time, and a lot of work.”  She paused to glance out the massive windows in Jaycee’s oceanfront condo.  “Some won’t survive this effort.  Perhaps many.”  Catherine’s voice trailed off when she spoke the last part, giving it an otherworldly kind of feel.  As if Catherine was getting that message straight from the spirit realm.  

“And it’s because he falls in love that is his undoing?”    

“You both have so much to learn. And there is little time.”

“In a manner of speaking, Claire, yes.  But it’s much more complicated than just that.  Once Der Blaue Teufel reveals his love interest, that’s just the beginning of our work.  We’ll have to move quickly, or miss the only window of opportunity we will ever have.  You see, there is only one person every 500 years who captures the heart of Der Blaue.  And he is truly a devilish one.  Smart and cunning.  He is a trickster the likes of which you have never seen.  And as much as he can love he can hate.  Fighting against him will make him hate us, and that’s usually an automatic death sentence.”  

Claire swallowed hard.  This was terrifying all right.  And she was starting to wonder if she had what it takes to see it through.  “How will be know that we have that one person?  What if we are wrong?”  

“We’ll know.”  Catherine purred softly.  “You already know, Claire.  You just don’t want to admit it?”  


“It’s you, my dear.  Of course.  Der Blaue Teufel is using Arlan Truss as a host in order to romance you.  You are the object of the devil monster’s affections.  He means to make you his bride.”  

“His — what??” 

“Bride.  It’s in the real sense.  There is a ceremony.  It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen, but I assure you it’s very real and completely binding.” 

Jaycee jumped up out of her seat, her face now as bright red as her hair.  “What?  This thing means to marry Claire?  And then?  Then what?”  

Now Catherine looked totally serious.  It was a sight to be seen.  Formidable was one way to describe it.  Terrifying was another.  “If it reaches the point that Claire is actually married to Der Blaue, then the war is lost.  He wins.  We will simply have to live with the fact that she will belong to him, and that she will have many of the same powers and needs that Der Blaue has.  Including ripping humans apart.”  

Claire let out a small scream, stood up for only a moment, and then fainted straight away.  







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  1. Yolanda says:

    And so now the romance begins!


  2. chella says:

    This monster is great. He’s a bodysnatcher too and maybe even a shapeshifter?


  3. Well heck even a monster can fall in love in a romance series!! Why not?


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