In The Works

Moving forward! 

I wanted to write a short post to let everyone know that this series is still in the works.  In fact, I’m beginning to make some good progress now, and am looking at publishing in August 2016.

That’s taking a couple of months longer than expected, but, I have quite a few other projects to juggle, and I love that very much but I’m still only given 24 hours in a day.  Unfortunately I can’t stretch that to 30 or 35….though I do try I have to tell you.

infusion blue wings

Deeply scary.  

That’s the way I feel about this work.  It’s the one that will haunt you and that’s how it’s designed so don’t be a bit ashamed to admit that you’ve awakened more than once in the night wondering about how….what….why…..and IF…….

This isn’t a story for the timid that’s for sure, and with that also know that I’m not going down the gruesome road.  I want this to be frightening on a different level than just blood and guts.  I am looking at psychological horror that gets your mind spinning.

“Without Notice”

That’s the title of the Book # 1 and it will kick off a series that I believe is like no other – and I started reading horror when I was a young child so I do know a bit about the genre.

I’ll be writing more about my characters, including The Blue, soon.

THANK YOU all for your support!  It’s been amazing!


Match Made In Hell

Pretty much.  That covers the inside of this story in a very neat way.  And it’s how that match made in hell comes about that is what makes the story itself unique and as frightening as it gets.

Book # 1 “Without Notice” sets the stage for the entire series, and it gives readers the background for what’s happened in the past, what’s  happening now, and for what will happen in the future.  It’s going to be the kind of series that you need to read in order and not skip any volumes.

Being a lifelong fan of horror and sci-fi, I’ve combined the two in what will grow into a terrifying love story that spans time, space and worlds of all kinds.  Heroes will come and go.  Heroines will switch teams from the good guys to the bad guys without notice and sometimes with gruesome results.

infusion blue

I don’t intend to cross the line to very explicit violence, although I will describe what has been done without leaving anything to the imagination.  However I don’t like to go on about it or use gory details as a way of keeping readers interested.  I’d rather use a good plot line for that.

Demons from hell, half-breeds, and another, extremely powerful creature, all emerge throughout the series and bring all manner of deviousness with them.  Be prepared for the most unexpected twists you can imagine, because that’s how this will all play out.

Look for “Without Notice” to be published sometime in June 2016.  You may want to avoid reading this before bedtime.  Yea.  It’s going to be one heckuva scary book.

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