So Why Does He Always Wear The Same Shirt

Hey friends, 

Sorry if I’ve been quiet of late, but, I have had lots going on both personally and in business.  

Today I’m going to continue writing about Arlan Truss, but, with a  bit of a new twist.  The questions I have rolling around in my mind are:  Does he die?  Or does he live?  And if he dies – how?  And if he lives – how?  Hmmmmm…..

Thanks again for the positive and very supportive feedback!  

Remember that copyright law is in force here, so please don’t copy my work!  


And from the ashes one question arose.  

Claire clicked the top of her phone to refuse the call.  It was him again.  And she was really tired of the games.  

Arlan wasn’t a lingering thought anymore.  She knew what was what about him.  The truth about what a fake he was and how being a hacker was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to his antics.  

Her bff Jaycee had warned her enough times and it was finally sinking in.  It took long enough, but, finally, she was able to breathe in and exhale without wondering how the hacking bastard was doing.  As far as Claire was concerned, the jerk was now on his own.  

But, there was one odd thing that even stumped Jaycee.  Arlan had of late, taken to wearing the same shirt over and over.  On stage, in photos, wherever he was, he had that plaid shirt on.

Recently, Claire heard someone in a coffee shop comment on it when a news clip played on tv, and there was Arlan, talking about his next big show, wearing that same old (slightly ratty) shirt.  

“Do you think he’s got more than one of those stupid shirts?”  A lady in a red blouse laughed and asked her friend.  

The other lady put down her coffee cup.  “I hope so!  If not that thing will be standing up and walking on its own!”  After which, the two laughed quite loudly, turning heads from the other java lovers.  

Overhearing that bit of conversation got Claire wondering even more.  Why did he wear it?  Was it a gift?  Or did that girlfriend of his put him up to it?  

It turned out to be a pretty simple answer. 

Jaycee grinned like the Cheshire Cat at Claire.  “I know why.”  

Claire handed her friend a glass of red wine and tipped her head at her, “Why – what?”  

“Why Arlan Truss wears that damn shirt over and over.”  

“OK.  Go on.”  

Jaycee sat down on the sofa and looked as bright-eyed and eager as a teenager.  “He’s doing it for publicity.”  

“Really?  Why?”  

Jaycee shrugged.  “I hear ticket sales to his shows are slumping.  And, his music sales are not doing very well either..  Add that to the chunk of money his wife got in that divorce – and you get a man who needs every gimmick he can get to keep his head above water.”  

Claire laughed.  “That figures.  It all comes down to the almighty buck in the end with him, doesn’t it?  I thought it might’ve been that weird woman he’s with putting him up to it.”  

“Well….that’s not too far out of the realm, either.  Apparently, it was her idea.  My source says she’s calling the shots these days.  Has him on a string.  Or by the you-know-whats is more likely!”  

“What about his connection to that blue beast?  Have you heard any more about it?  I know the spell is still working, at least partly. But I can’t figure how that monster works through Arlan.”  

Jaycee took a sip of her wine and nodded.  “Been wondering about that myself.  As much as I hate to say it, it’s time for another visit to the Cat Woman.”  

You mean Catherine the witch?!

“Yea.  But, remember she hates to be called that.”  


Note:  All of my characters and situations are pulled straight from my imagination.  There is no intended relationship to persons alive or dead.  





6 Comments Add yours

  1. This story is shaping up to be so great. I’m excited that you are bringing back Catherine. I love her!


  2. Tina says:

    Missed you!! Love Claire and Jaycee – those two are smart and always interesting. Now for that Arlan guy…he’s a jerk but every good story needs a jerk, right?


  3. Tully says:

    Looking forward to this series!!


  4. Lucille says:

    Ha! That guy Arlan is a true horse’s ass!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jill says:

      Yup. You said it!


  5. chella says:

    A publicity stunt? Perfect!


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