She Stopped Loving Him Today

Life happens. 

Yes, it does, and as far as I’m concerned it’s shaped like a boomerang – what you throw out there comes back to you in one way or another.  

My Infusion Blue story is going deeper into relationships and how complicated they can be, and, that extends to lovers, friends and others in our lives who are there for a reason or just a season.  I am enjoying that part of my brainstorming the most and I hope everyone reading my work feels the same way.  

In this post I’m going to put an end to one chapter of Claire’s life so that another can start.  In fact, that chapter is chomping at the bit waiting for her to show up.  And she will do that now that she’s moving on, and most importantly, moving forward.  

Remember that my Copyright Monster is always lurking in the shadows so if  you don’t want him mad at you, don’t use any of my work in any way.  Thank you for respecting that.  

Your support is amazing and continually motivating!  


It is always darkest before the dawn.  

Claire kicked a twig out of her way as she power-walked down the path in the park near her house.  She had gotten here early today, extra early, in fact it was nearly crack of dawn early and she was no morning glory by any means.  But today was different.  The air was clearer after an overnight storm blew through and it had made her feel as though Mother Nature was telling her that she had finally gotten her head on straight.  

The rain had left puddles behind as well, and an early-morning cyclist paid  no mind to the fact that he splashed water all over Claire as he zoomed by at a speed that was faster than normal safety rules allowed.  “Damn!” she let out that expletive, turned to shoot the rider an evil look, and walked on.  Wet jogging pants and all.  

Birds were chirping all around, and the occasional squirrel was seen jumping from branch to branch in the trees.  There wasn’t a soul around, except for the jerk on the bike, and Claire was savoring the privacy.  She needed a little time out.  Time to be alone.  Time to come to terms with what she knew she must do.  

Claire knew she had to do it. The guy had it coming.

Arlan Truss and all that jazz.  

A flurry of romantic messages and all kinds of invites followed Arlan’s declaration of true love to Claire, and the pair had been seen out and about quite a bit in the past few months.  The paparazzi had even snapped a few photos of them along the way, which she didn’t like at all, and many times Claire found herself to be the topic discussion, not to mention gossip, on a social  media website.

Some people stood up for Arlan’s right to choose the woman he wanted to be with.  Others, many of them, stood up for Arlan’s ex-wife, who had long suffered his cheating, boozing and love-them-from-a-distance parenting style.  And as much as she was stubborn and strong within herself, Claire had to admit that that last group bothered her the most.  Their words stayed with her and the common sense and moral outrage they expressed rang all too true.  

It had come to her weeks ago, after a whole litter of photographers descended on her and Arlan, who were making their way out of a (crazy-outstanding-delicious) taco joint.  Something about the one woman’s glare hit home.  She had piercing dark eyes and a knowing look on her face.  Without saying a single word, that member of the dreaded paparazzi told Claire that whatever doubts she was feeling were legitimate and that she needed to go back over her reasons for being with Arlan at all.  

Sometimes the truth hurts.  

Claire had indeed fallen in love with Arlan Truss.  She knew that right from the start.  And these past months were like a dream come true.  But even in their most intimate moments, when she knew the man had given her his heart along with his body, the nagging feeling that she was with him more to make herself happy than anyone else crept in. And in Claire’s world, that bird just wouldn’t fly.  

It was a decision that tore apart her heart and her very soul, but Claire was determined to do whatever she had to do to convince Arlan that she did not love him after all.  That it had been exciting and new and damned passionate but that was the extent of it. She’d be lying through her pearly white teeth but she didn’t care.  What they were together, amidst all the pain and suffering their relationship caused a woman who did not deserve any of it, just wasn’t right.  And the big wrongness of the situation was that Arlan acted like he had the right to do whatever the fuck he wanted because he was a big-shot country singer.  

But Claire saw right through all that crap.  He had no more right than anyone else.  And she was going to tell him just that.  








8 Comments Add yours

  1. I so love this series! My favorite of your fiction work.


  2. chella says:

    Maybe so. But I think that these two have a future. What exactly I don’t know but my input is that you bring Arlan back for more with Claire… excited about this series!


  3. Nina says:

    It’s a no win situation between Arlan and Claire. He’s a hacker. A snoop. She needs to forget him and get another man! Just write him in – much easier than in real life LOL


  4. Cat says:

    Claire is right for dumping Arlan. He’s an ass. But yes I too would like to see him in and out of the story. He’s part of the monster too so that’s very creative and interesting.


  5. Jill says:

    Agree that Arlan is part of the monster now so he has to come back at least to get that cleared up. Claire should give him the cold shoulder. End it.


  6. Claire needs to tell Arlan to take a hike or get on his horse and ride off. If he’s the monster too then she can still win. He’s a jerk. Good character btw he sounds very real.


  7. Tully says:

    And it’s high time too!!


  8. Christina says:

    The pic reminds me so much of you, Nancy. You have the same kind of face. I love this story! It’s got miles of potential!


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