We Fell In Love In The Back Of A Cop Car?

It’s already a fact.  

Terry adjusted the seatbelt and put the car in drive.  It was already one of those days and she was totally pissed off at her assistant.  “Stupid!” Terry said aloud thinking about Vicky and the constant mistakes he made.  

Besides insisting on being called “Vicky” her assistant, Victor Kanson, drove her nuts with his absentmindedness.  He did work cheap, Terry embarrassingly admitted to herself that that was a big factor in hiring him, but there were many times in the two years she hired Vicky that she wondered if she paid  him too much.  

“It’s about time you got here.”  Vicky looked perfect, as usual.  He boasted that he started out working for GQ straight out of college and that his attire never failed to impress.  Why Vicky left the magazine was another matter.  

“What?  This is your fault!  You told me I had a 10:30 and it’s actually a 9:30!  Once again, Vic, you screwed up!”

He took off his super stylish reading glasses, “It’s Vicky.  I prefer to be called V-i-c-k-y.  And I didn’t screw up.  Mr. Homophobe in there did.  Go ahead in.  He’ll tell you.”  

Terry sighed.  “David Williams is not a homophobe.  He has a weird sense of humor is all.”  

Vicky shot her a disbelieving look and went back to his desk.  

Terry didn’t look forward to this meeting.  She’d been hired by David to look into a complaint about his hunting dogs and the report she was about to give him was not good.  “Hello, David.  I’m sorry for the mixup this morning.”  

She was pretty, too pretty in fact to be a private investigator.

David Williams looked bored sitting there with his long legs stretched out and an empty mug of coffee sitting on the table next to him.  With nothing else to do, David had started twisted a stray thread on his jacket sleeve.  “It’s my own fault.  Or my secretary’s fault. She gave your man Vicky the wrong time.  Sucks to wait.”  He sat up straight, “Can we get right to it?  What did you find out?”    

Terry took off her trench coat and quickly smoothed down the bright blue fabric of her dress.  She was pretty, too pretty in fact to be a private investigator.  She stood out in a crowd instead of blending in and that complicated things too often.  But, she did manage to attract business, so her looks did come in handy in that respect.  “David, we’ve worked together before.  I won’t candy coat it.  Your dogs are aggressive.  You need to take action immediately before you get into more hot water.”  

David grunted.  “It was Chappel’s fault!  I told him to stay away from the dogs.  But did he listen?  No!”  

Terry shook her head.  “It doesn’t matter.  Get the dogs a trainer who can deal with this right away.  Before Mr. Chappell takes the next step and presses charges against you.  He was bit pretty bad, he’s within his rights.”  

‘You went to law school didn’t you?” 

“Yes, but I don’t practice law.  I chose this line of work instead.” 

“Tell me how bad can this get?”  

“Bad.  Your dogs could be put down. You could get sued for millions.  And, Mr. Chappell could have you arrested on a number of charges as well.  David, this is serious.  Call a specialist in this kind of animal behavior.  Today.  Now.” 

David Williams didn’t like being told what to do.  And he especially didn’t like the fact that Chappell knew his dogs were aggressive, that’s what made them the best hunting dogs around, and he wouldn’t put it past the guy to purposely get himself hurt in order to go after money in a lawsuit.  “Okay, I guess…….” 

He never got to finish that statement.  In a heartbeat Vicky opened Terry’s office door and rushed in, aflutter with fear and shock.  “There’s police here to arrest Mr. Williams!”  

A second later two uniformed officers came in, announced that David was being arrested for the murder of Peter Chappell, cuffed him and read him his rights. 

“David – I’ll get your attorney on the phone.  We’ll  meet you at the police station  Keep quiet until we get there.”  

David nodded, then suddenly smiled.  “Too bad you can’t ride with me. We could fall in love in the back of a cop car.”  

Terry shook her head.  A smart ass through and through.  That’s what this guy was.  But she knew the facts, as always.  That she didn’t need to get into a cop car to fall for the guy.  It was already a fact.  



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Linda says:

    That girl in the main photo looks so much like you, Nancy! I love love this story! It’s your best I think!!


  2. cheryl says:

    Nice twist to the story!


  3. chella says:

    Very cool


  4. Cat says:

    I like these two. You have a talent for adding people who are interesting and likable!


  5. Angela says:

    Great characters! I think they could my favorites in this series. They have a very real quality to them. n


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