Claire Does Not Jump At The Opportunity

I am at the end of this particular brainstorm and so this blog post will be the last one I’m writing until next week.  I am  unsure as to how I’ll progress with Claire and Jaycee and the people who surround their situations, but, it’s for sure that this dynamic duo will remain in the story until the end.  

For those of you who are new here, I recommend that you go the Claire And Jaycee category and start from the first post.  This line is a continuing one so you need their backstory.  

Remember the copyright monster is lurking around here and always watching.  He doesn’t like to see my work  show up anywhere that I don’t post it – so if you don’t want to get in trouble with him, don’t copy my work.  

Big hugs out to everyone who has given me positive feedback and encouragement!  



Claire pushed around the food on her plate, taking a bite here and there just to be polite.  Jaycee had cooked dinner, holy crap it wasn’t bad at all!, and she didn’t have the heart to tell her that she had lost her appetite.  

“You okay?”  

Claire managed a smile.  It wasn’t fooling anyone.  “Yea.  I am.  It’s just…..”


“Yea.  Him.”  

“We didn’t do all that much really, Claire.”    

“Didn’t we?”  Claire put her fork down and looked at her friend. “We both have worked magic against him!  That’s something big, Jaycee!”  

“He had it coming.”  

“Maybe he did.  But I am starting to feel like I played judge and jury and I don’t like how that feels one bit.  He’s a jerk.  Like lots of men.  But is all that about the sexual battery charge really true?  I looked it up and couldn’t find any record of it.”  

“That’s supposedly because the woman was paid off.  My sources have been reliable in the past.  But, you know, it’s possible that their sources got it wrong.”  

Claire sighed.  “He thinks he’s in love with me.  He keeps calling me.  Texting me.  Even if I firmly tell him to stop – he won’t.  The fucking spell has him dancing around like a puppet for any other request except that!  He broke up with Vera in 30 seconds or less!  Me?  He won’t leave me alone!”  

“You cancelled your dinner date with him. Perhaps he’s just hurt? Maybe he really does like you. ” 

Catherine didn’t like to be called a witch.

“Honestly, Jaycee, I don’t think you truly believe that.  He doesn’t really like me.  It’s something that went wrong when Brandy and I created that chant.  Maybe we used the wrong candles?”  She shook her head.  “I don’t know.  I don’t want the guy.  I don’t feel like becoming just another one of his exes and that’s how it would end.”  

“So you didn’t exactly jump at the opportunity to get to know Arlan?”  

“No.  And I don’t plan to.  Besides, I don’t want  him under some spell.  I don’t have to resort to that with men.”  

Jaycee refilled both their wine glasses.  “I did a little digging.  Actually, I, uh, sort of went to a metaphysical shop.”  

“You’re telling me you consulted with a witch?” 

“She doesn’t like that term at all.  She says it has too many negative attachments to it.  She prefers to be called a spiritualist.”  

“A spiritualist?  OK.  What did the spiritualist tell you?”  

“Her name is Catherine, and she thinks we both have something very powerful around us.  It may have been with us since birth, but we are only now becoming aware of it.  She thinks we have the ability to do things that can’t be explained rationally.  She also warned that we may have limited control over it.  And that we need to be very careful.”  

Claire nodded.  “That I agree with 100%.   Does she have any idea what that power might be?  Or where it comes from?”  

Jaycee nervously tapped her wine glass.  “She does.  And it may not be good.  But it’s good to us.”  

“Say that a bit clearer, please?”  

“It’s her opinion that we have what some may call a devil monster around us, but that it is friendly and protective – to a point.  We may be able to use it for some things, but it’s got a free will and can make changes or not respond at times.  We need to be very sure that we don’t try to take advantage of this power, and that we respect the fact that it could become an enemy to us at any time – but chooses not to do that.”  

Claire shook her head in amazement.  “Are you kidding?  We have some kind of beast as a friend?  The same beast that is attacking people?”  

“Yes.  She believes that to be the case.  Look, Claire, we both really should talk to her.”  

“Jaycee!  You didn’t?!!”

“She’ll be here in about 20 minutes.”  






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  1. This story is really heating up now! I am absolutely nuts over the new direction you’re taking! And you’ve got a countdown widget on your homepage? How cool is that?

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Yolanda says:

      Yea, I saw it too!


    2. Jill says:

      Thought it was cool myself


  2. chella says:

    These ladies are awesome! You have a mega hit in the making!


  3. Yolanda says:

    Fabulous! This could be one of the best series I’ve read in a very long time. It will be worth the wait!


  4. Jill says:

    Simply brilliant. That’s how this brainstorm of yours is going. I love the twists and turns you’re giving it and you are sewing it up very well. I am very happy for you!


  5. erin says:

    You have so much natural talent, Nancy. I know that one day soon we’ll be able to say “we knew her when she was just starting out” XOXO


  6. Tina says:

    OMG….this is so great! I wanna see this as a tv series. Or a movie series!


  7. Sandy says:

    Infusion Blue is a smart, sexy and just plain cool story. I love it.


  8. Kelly-J says:

    Also LOVE your countdown button! It will be a long wait but this blog is so great to read it makes it worth it!


  9. Lucille says:

    Nancy, this series has something special about it. It’s got that big-hit feel. Keep it going.


  10. Cat says:

    You have such a great storyline going. I agree with digital publishing, only that it doesn’t always get the press that printed work gets. Just putting a bee in your bonnet, honey.


  11. Tully says:

    No, she should not jump through hoops for any man. That’s a great part of your story, Nancy. Your female characters are super strong!


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