A BLUE Singer As Opposed To A Blues Singer

Hey everyone, 

I’m moving forward with my Infusion Blue Horror Romance project faster these days.  I’m not changing my publication date, but, it would not surprise me if it was sooner than 2020.  I have another series, CounterClockwise, that I will be updating before then, however, at the moment I’m very into the groove of my horror story and so I’m keeping with that.  

It’s still the same drill about the copyright law that is in effect here, and of course, my story and characters are all products of my own creative mind, and are not about any actual persons living or dead.  

OK, with that said, let me proceed to give you my latest brainstorm.  

Humbly yours, 


This was one very strange patient. 

“I saw him once.  About two years ago.  He was really good.”  Winnie Malone chatted with her co-worker, Brandy, as she tucked the sheet into the side of the hospital bed.  The two ladies had been working at Harbor Psychiatric Treatment Center for the past five years, and were usually placed on the graveyard shift together.

Brandy snapped her chewing gum and shook her head.  “He doesn’t look like much lying there.”

“No, but, you know, up there on stage.  He was great.  Nice voice.  Tall and handsome.  And the band was good, too.”  Winnie walked over to the closet and pulled out a clean hospital gown.  “Gotta change him.  That gown he’s got on has food on it.  Damn day shift.  Wish they’d use a bib when they fed him.  Or at least change the gown when they spill food on it. ”

“They work too fast.  I think he gives most of them the creeps.  Even though he’s not blue anymore.  And how it happened!”

“Yea.  I guess.  Maybe we’re different, Brands.  Working the darkest hours and all.  Things look different at 2AM than they do at 2PM.”

“I hear ya.”  Brandy bit her lip.  “Do you believe all that about the monster?  That it did this?”


Winnie looked up after stripping off the old gown.  “I do.  I have to say honestly.  I totally believe it.  There’s too many other stories circulating out there.  And remember the guy from the wedding they brought in?  He woke up every night screaming about a blue ghost!   Yea, there’s something going on in this world and I have a feeling it’s nothing we’ve ever seen before.”

Brandy helped Winnie put a fresh gown on the patient.  “I do remember him.  He gave me nightmares for the first time in my life.”  She paused to finish tying the last knot to secure the back of the gown. “And our friend here has said nothing in days.  Not a peep.  He’s not as blue as he was though, and at least he’s not shouting obscenities anymore.”

“I feel sorry for him.”

“I do.  And I don’t.  I heard the whole story.  It’s outrageous, but, if that monster can exist then anything’s possible.”

The two finished their work, checked the patient chart once again, and made the usual notes on the daily duties board that hung on the wall next to the bathroom door.

“What kind of music did he used to sing?”  Brandy turned to Winnie as they made their way down the hall.

“Country.  At least he did.  But I’m thinking he may change genre now.”

Brandy brushed hair out of her face and turned to look at Winnie.  “Change?  To what?”

Winnie flashed a sly smile.  “The blues!”

Brandy slapped her friend on the back and the two laughed hard and loud.



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  1. cheryl says:

    GREAT ideas for this series! I love Jaycee and the magic aspect is awesome.


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