Infusion Blue The Next Harry Potter Series?

Could be.  

As far as popularity goes it could.  But it isn’t the same storyline by any means.

Infusion Blue is a truly scary tale about how beings who inhabit human bodies work them like puppets and can leap from one host to the next for their own safety, to get something more, or, just for the hell of it.  Pun intended.

Deep and dark. 

It’s both of those things.  The only possibility of a resemblance between Infusion Blue and Harry Potter would be the “dementors” who come in and frighten the living daylights out of everyone.

Like the “dementors” my beings are damn near impossible to defeat – and can’t be killed since they are not exactly here among the living.  Killing, as you will read in this series, takes on a whole new meaning in Infusion Blue.

Nancy Welker, authorBook # 1 “Without Notice” 

The maiden volume in this series will make her entre into the world of digital publishing by October 2016.  I know that’s beyond the original date but I have other work going as well, both writing and my acting/modeling career goals.

This first book will go into the background of my beings, who shall not be named here until after the book is published, and give enough of the reasons why they’re here to make sense in the story.

However, I won’t divulge all of the details right away.  Facts will unfold as the story goes on and there will be many surprising and downright shocking details that readers will learn as each volume is published.

My feelings.

I love horror.  It’s honest and straightforward.  A zombie does not die until you smash its brains.  A vampire must burn in the sunlight or have specific stake driven through his heart.  A werewolf shot with silver is history.  The Bogeyman is real and staying out of the basement when you hear strange noises will save your life.

Those are truths that are undeniable.  Unlike history that’s written and re-written at will, or romance that can make you scream with frustration.

So horror, for all of the terror, is actually easier for me to think about late at night when I’m staring at the ceiling than whether or not Mr. Right or Ms. Right is going to grow up and take the good path.  Yipes.  Now that’s scary!

Enjoy August everyone.  I’ll be back when I have more news for you!

My thanks and love to all,



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Nina says:

    Surely could be! Why not? Your work is terrific!


  2. Cat says:

    The only thing you need to keep in your mind is that it CAN be the next big one. Your work is unique and I really love it!


  3. cheryl says:

    Definitely. This could be huge!


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