Revenge Didn’t Feel As Good As He Thought It Would

No, it never does.   Arlan Truss moved quickly to answer his cell.  “Hello. Shit!”  He caught it just as it was about to slip out of his hands.   “Really, that’s not the reception I hoped for!” Catherine’s smooth purring kind of voice held laughter.   “Yea.  The damn thing almost got away from me….

Nasty Tuna Tacos

I’m going down a bit of a different road with this story snippet.  I hope you like it.   Remember the copyright monster starts to growl if anyone copies my work.  He won’t be happy about it so just don’t do it.   All my characters and situations are fictional and of my own creation….

In The Works

Moving forward!  I wanted to write a short post to let everyone know that this series is still in the works.  In fact, I’m beginning to make some good progress now, and am looking at publishing in August 2016. That’s taking a couple of months longer than expected, but, I have quite a few other…

Infusion Blue Inspiration

This is a scary one, folks. Yes, it’s going to get a bit frightening out there.  And for some of the less fortunate on my list of characters, that’s going to be literal.  They won’t all make it through.  They won’t all make it past five minutes.  And then some, the really, really, less fortunate,…