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Greetings Horror Fans! 


There’s a new kid on the horror-romance-scare-the-daylights-out-of-you genre:  INFUSION BLUE!

It’s a psychological and I’m saying even spiritual horror story as it runs pretty deep into the fabric of what’s truly OUT THERE trying to make Hell on Earth!

I’m definitely a born writer as I started out when I was but 7 years old.  I wrote poetry, short stories, TV commercials, songs, musicals and of course, so much of it was in the horror category.  Especially as I got older.

I’m not a publishing newbie by any means.  I’ve got 4 non-fiction ebooks and another series already under my professional belt.  You’ll find links at the bottom here and on the Home page as well.

This series is slated to hit the digital bookshelves in October 2018.  JUST IN TIME FOR HALLOWEEN!!

So stay tuned everyone.  I’m moving and shaking.

I’m loving this series already.  It’s a pleasure to write.

Until the debut I’ll say THANK YOU to all!

Nancy Welker 







If you’d like to contact me use the form below:

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Look Great For Life Series 

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