How Do You Like Me Now, Cowboy?

I’m cranking it out now.  This story has me in its grips and I’m not complaining about that at all.  

I’m going to keep writing as long as the spirit moves me and at the moment it’s in high gear, so I’m adding lots of continuing content here.  

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It was a good feeling.  

Smug.  That’s how Claire described it to herself.  It was an amazing day that topped off an equally amazing week.

Arlan Truss had been put down.  And he was putty in her hands.  He had been blowing up her phone all morning and she had to finally set her phone to airplane mode to keep it from bugging her.  Claire smiled as she remembered yesterday’s meeting with him.  It was priceless.

Once an asshole always an asshole.  

The tall country singer with the close-cropped blond hair stood on the front porch of her house, looking a bit uncomfortable.  It was pretty clear that he was here out of necessity rather than out of his own choice.  Because if there was one thing that anyone could see it was that Arlan Truss wanted to jump off the top step and make fast tracks back to that Hummer of his parked at the end of the driveway.

“Hello, Arlan.”  Claire said smoothly, trying to conceal how overjoyed she was that her natural magic worked so damn well.

His blue eyes glowed.  God, she looked good!  Why hadn’t he met her before?  Oh yea.  He had wife.  After that he had a girlfriend.  “Good to meet you, Claire.”

“Finally.”  She was a tall woman, about 5’7″ or more, and with the 4 inch heels she wore she stood close to 6ft. tall, yet, he was still nearly a full head taller.  Under other circumstances it might’ve been intimidating, but now, with her newfound sense of empowerment, she felt cool as a cucumber.  “Come in.  I made some lemonade.”

The long-legged cowboy took his hat off to clear the doorway and took up a seat at the far end of the sofa  “Jesus, you’re beautiful.”

She smiled.  Good start, Arlan.  “Thank you.  I feel like I know you, Arlan.  I guess because I actually do know you.”

He grinned.  “Yea.  We have had something, haven’t we?”

“I’ll ask the questions, if you don’t mind.”  He immediately went quiet.  OK, she thought, let’s get right down to business. “Why did you hack into my life, Arlan?”

Without hesitation, he answered, “I like watching you.  It’s exciting.”

Claire nodded.  That was honest enough.  “Why didn’t you stop when you heard me say that i had fallen in love with you?”

He shrugged.  “I didn’t give a shit.  That was your problem.  I got to see nice tits and ass from where I sat and that was enough.”

That didn’t surprise her!  “So you were just being a peeping tom?”

“Yup.  That’s about the size of it.”

“And are you in a relationship now?”

“Oh yea.  She’s great.”

Claire sat back in her the chair across from where Arlan sat on the sofa.  “Tell me all about her.”

“Her name is Vera.  I met her during a TV show we were filming.  She was one of the announcers.  We had the hots for each other right away.”

“Keep going.  I want to know it all.”

“I fucked her three times in different places on the set.  It was good.  But it was when she told me she liked girls too that I freaked out.  I always wanted to date a lesbian.”

“But — if she’s a lesbian why did she have sex with you?”

“Look at me, Claire, I’m a goddamned love god.  And she still likes guys.  A little.”

“So, your girlfriend, Vera, is a lesbian.  How does that sit with your ex-wife and your kids?”

“Terry hates it, but she hates Vera anyway so it doesn’t matter if she’s a lesbian or what.  My kids will have to adjust.  That’s all there is to it.  I’m who I am.  And I’m never going to change.”

All women have the power of natural witchcraft. They’re born with it.

Claire laughed.  “We’ll see about that, won’t we?”

Arlan looked horrified.  “Sure!”

“Are you still with Vera?”

“Yes!  She’s an actress but she travels around with me.  It’s a great fucking time.  Literally.”

“is that all you want, Arlan?  The sex?  What about more than that?”

The big guy shrugged and laughed, “I had “more” for a long time with Terry.  It didn’t work for me.  I’m not an average guy. Never will be.”

“But – you sing songs about God and country and love of family.  Did you ever mean any of it? ‘

“Nope.  Not a damn word.  They’re pretty songs and they made me some money.  Fans like them. That’s it.”

Claire thought for a moment.  “Break up with Vera.  Today.  No, right now.  Get your cell phone out and call her.”

Without a second’s hesitation, Arlan Truss made that call.  Claire could hear Vera’s voice shouting him all the way from where she sat.  “Done.”  Was all he said.

“Good.  Now,  you are to call Terry.  Tell her you love and miss her and you’ve been a total asshole.  Then tell her you want to take her to your house in Hawaii and marry her all over again.”

This time, Arlan hesitated.  He started to push the numbers but then stopped.  “But that’s a lie.”

Claire frowned at him.  “So?  It’s true if I tell you it’s true!”

“I am not in love with Terry anymore  Haven’t been for years.”

“I don’t care!  Unless you want punishment you WILL make that call!”

Arlan looked up at her, blue eyes full of tears.  “I love you, Claire.  I hate it.  I don’t want to .  But I do. ”

Now Claire fell back into her chair with a thud.  This was unexpected.  The spell required Arlan to do what she said to do – but she didn’t know that it would surprise her with admissions of love.

“Then why didn’t you come see me?  Break up with that girlfriend of yours before?”

“I was scared.  I don’t do well with love.  Being in a regular relationship is a disaster for me.  That’s why I like Vera so much.  She doesn’t want tradition.”

“And now?  What do you want now?”

“To take you in the bedroom and make smoking hot love to you.  Buy you a goddamned ring and keep you forever.”

This was way too much for Claire.  She hadn’t been prepared for this.  “You need to go now, Arlan.”  She saw the sadness in his eyes deepen.  “Come back tomorrow.  For dinner.  We’ll go out.”

Now he wiped the tears from his eyes and smiled.  “Thank you!  I’ll be here with bells on!”

“One more thing.  How do you like me now, cowboy?”

Arlan turned around before leaving.  “Better than ever, baby.  Better than ever.”




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  1. Angela says:

    I love seeing Claire win! I’m already drawn into this story and it’s not even published yet!


  2. Nina says:

    He-He…..she got him good!!


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