Claire Shut His Ass Down

In case you haven’t been keeping up with this idea line, I’m brainstorming about a new twist for my blue beast.  There’s a woman who was wronged by a famous singer and her best friend makes an awkward attempt at using magic to send the monster to get even with the guy – and it works.

But, there’s a twist to this new line – the victims survive the attack, albeit with some rather serious side effects.

I suggest you go back to my earlier posts in the category “Claire And Jaycee”, and read the previous posts about these two.

As always, copyright law is in full force here.  My characters are my own creations and I own this work.  Thanks for respecting that.

Singer-dude has a name.

Of course he does.  Every man has a name.  Jaycee knew it, and so did Claire, but they were hesitant to say it out loud before.  Now that’s all changed.  They’re talking freely now that the blue monster has struck, and justice has been doled out.  Seems it has impacted everyone in the whole situation,

“Arlan Truss.  His career is done, you know.”

Claire squeezed lemon into her Diet Coke.  “Seems that way.  But, God, the radio stations are playing the heck out of his music!”

“They’re cashing in on the story.  That’s all.  Anything that feeds the bottom line.”

“He’s out of the hospital.  But you knew that, didn’t you?”

Jaycee nodded. “Yea.  I did.  He’s talking again.  And singing up a storm.  It just isn’t making sense.  He’s mixing up songs and even singing some lyrics backwards.  I’d love to hear that!”

Claire set her soda down on the coffee table.  “I got in contact with one of the nurses who worked at the hospital.  Her name is Winnie Malone, and she took care of Arlan every day while he was there.”

“Why?  What do you want to know?”

“What he said, maybe.  And if he knew what happened to him.”

“And?  What did Winnie tell you?”

“She said Arlan was neon blue when they brought him in and he started out screaming f-bombs day and night.  The nurses all had the jitters over it.  Then he went silent.  And Winnie said that was even creepier.  He never shut his eyes, either.  Not even when he slept.”

Jaycee shivered a little.  “Ewww.  That must’ve been horrible!”

Claire turned to look out of the big french doors to the ocean beyond, and let out a sigh.  “Maybe it was too much, Jaycee.  Maybe the punishment didn’t fit the crime…..”

“No!  It fit all right!  Don’t even go down that guilt-road!  That hacking bastard hurt you without mercy!  I know you better than anyone and you’re a kind soul, Arlan Truss knew that!  He’s a creep anyway.  Has illegit kids all over the country from what I’ve learned.  And my sources are good, Claire.  And there’s something else far worse than that.”


“A woman pressed charges against Arlan some 20 years ago for sexual battery.  She was paid off to keep quiet.  But the story about it is horrible.  She apparently said “no” to sex and he flew into a drunken rage.  Damn near killed her.  It left her with a permanent scar on her face and a limp that will never go away.  It also left her with a little boy.  Claire, that woman was not the only one he hurt, she was just the only one to actually press charges.”

“Sweet Jesus!”

Jaycee’s voice was lower when she spoke.  “Yea.  Sweet Jesus saved that poor lady’s life and kept the same thing from happening to you.”

At that moment the satellite radio station playing in the background aired Arlan Truss singing, “This Is Your Love Song”.  It was one he used to hack in to Claire’s radio app and play to assure her of his true feelings.  It was definitely the wrong time to  play it.

Something inside Claire snapped.  She grabbed the round-shaped radio and before Jaycee could intervene, ran to the doors with it in hand and threw it over the side of the balcony, sending it crashing to the ground below.

The two women stood at the railing, looking down at the bits and pieces of what was a very pricey sound device glistening in the sunlight.  Jaycee put her arm around her bff and hugged her.  “You did it, hon.  You shut down that hacking bastard.  I don’t give a damn about the radio.  You got rid of the idiot.”

Claire blinked back the tears that were swelling up in her eyes.  “Finally.  I never want to hear that sonofabitch and his goddamned music again!”

About 10 minutes later, there was knock at the door.  Jaycee recognized her neighbor, Billie Green, who was something of a smiling letch, and wondered what the heck he wanted.

Billie talked through his smile.  “By any chance is this yours?  It was on the ground directly below your terrace.”   

“Uh…..yea….I think…..”

“I figured it must’ve fallen off the railing.  What were you dancing around or something?”  Billie grinned and looked Jaycee up and down way too slowly.

She came up with a quick response.  “Aerobics.  I’m working on making an aerobics video.  My friend is helping me. This must’ve fallen off then.”

“But…didn’t you miss it?  You didn’t come looking for it, did you?”

“I didn’t know.  We came in to get water.  That must’ve been when it fell.”

Billie smiled again.  “Oh.  Could’ve been a bird, too.  One took a sandwich off my balcony the other day when I came in to get a beer.  I  looked everywhere for it.  Then I saw this big assed bird with crust in his beak!”

Jaycee laughed.  It eased the tense knot in her stomach just a bit.  “Well, thanks again.  I appreciate it.”

Billie started to leave, then turned back.  “But still.  It’s the damndest thing.  Your radio is in perfect condition.  Not a scratch.  And it’s still playing!  Won’t shut off so maybe the switch is broken or something.  Isn’t that that Arlan Truss guy?  Damn, what a story there!”

Without another word, Jaycee shut the door and went back inside.









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  1. Lucille says:

    Claire is a dynamo!


  2. Linda says:

    You have the formula down now, Nancy. This is the right way forward!


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