Her Baboo Has A Thing For Another Woman – Ouch!

I’m keeping the story of Claire and Jaycee going.  This is all brainstorming on my part so I’ll keep all or part of it in the book based on the feedback I get from all of you! 


Remember that copyright law is in force and that all of my characters and situations are my own creations.  Any similarity to persons living or dead is pure coincidence.

It was an uncomfortable situation.

Surely there was answer, Jaycee thought as she filled the Keurig reservoir and touched the button to start the heating process. Yet, she mused to herself, that answer wasn’t coming to her yet today.

It was a rough morning.  Too much tequila shots last night followed by an early morning workout, then a visit to her friend, Tommy Mills, at a local publishing house, Mills-Miles Pub, Inc. .  Tommy’s operation was deceptively small, and for all the world it looked to be nothing more than a mom-and-pop operation, yet, with only three people in his entire staff, Tommy was a respected voice heard ’round the world.

Tommy had noticed the signs of a headbanger of a hangover, and offered her some hair of the dog to help, but, Jaycee couldn’t even look at alcohol much less taste it, but once she opened up to him about her problem, actually her best friend Claire’s problem, he grew quite serious and seemed to hang onto her every word.

He knew.  Tommy did.  Exactly who she was talking about.  She didn’t drop any names, didn’t have to, but the looks he  gave her more than implied that he had heard this same story before – about the same man.

And so right now Jaycee took a break, after taking aspirin to quiet the drum solo that was going on in her head, and sat back with her mug of cinnamon coffee and wondered why God left these kind of problems at her door so often.    She never considered herself to be an amateur detective or any kind, and yet, time after time family, friends and co-workers often asked her to be just that.

It was what was happening right now that was the most bothersome for her.  The letter had arrived.  Singer-dude was indeed handed the robins’ egg blue envelope by his assistant, and there was an “event” that came after that that Jaycee could not believe.

The hacking bastard gets his due.  

According to Tommy, who didn’t hesitate to name the singer in question and go on to tell Jaycee all the details about the mysterious letter, the assistant, reportedly a bimbo named Candy, witnessed something that drove her to screaming fits so loud that people walking by the building outside called the police.

Jaycee closed her eyes, remembering details about her conversation with Mills:

“I got the news yesterday morning, hours after xxxx was attacked.  He was given a bright blue envelope, and he seemed to recognize the return address on it.   Candy turned around to leave his office, and then, out of nowhere, a loud noise was heard, something like a big animal or a hurricane, and a sickening smell filled the room – and the whole building for that matter.  She described it as a “blue gorilla”, and said that it grabbed xxxx and threw him to the floor.

Then, something even stranger happened.  It turned xxxx blue.  Bright blue like the envelope on his desk. And then it left.  Just as fast it came.”

“Is that all?”

Tommy’s face was now red as a beet, “No!  The guy’s assistant started going crazy.  She ran out of his private office into the reception area, screaming.”

“Well, that’s to be expected…..”

Tommy waved his hands to silence her.  “That’s NOT all!  Candy, by all reports, is now a walking-talking tabloid – tell all about her employer!  Every single dirty detail that she has knowledge of – and apparently it’s quite a bit – is spewing out of her mouth day and night.  Even when she’s asleep she’s mumbling about him!”

“Sweet Jesus!”

He let out a tense laugh, “Jesus has nothing to do with this thing, Jaycee.  You need to look further south, I’m thinking.”

“What is the status of things right now?”

“It’s not looking good for xxxx.  Not at all.  His ex-wife is still listed as his next of kin, and she had him placed in custody for observation, under the Baker Act.”


“Yea.  And xxxx has this girlfriend, uh what’s her name again?  oh, it’s Vera,  hanging around as well.  She’s at the hospital day and night listening to Candy.  And she’s none too pleased at what she’s hearing.  Candy is calling xxxx a “hacking bastard” and a “Peeping Tom”.  After all that Vera has bragged about xxxx and how wonderful he his this all makes her look absolutely ridiculous. She refers to him as her baboo for Chrissakes!”

“Baboo?  That’s downright gross considering the man himself.”

Tommy leaned across his desk and looked Jaycee square in the eyes, “How are you involved?”

“It’s not me.  It’s my friend, Claire.  This hacking baboo Peeping Tom guy did a number on her, and she told me about it.”

Redheaded witch to the rescue!

“But – why did you come here?  To confirm?  Or something  else?”  When Jaycee didn’t respond right away, Tommy pushed on, “Come on Jaycee!  We’ve known each other for 10 years and aside from that one night I tried to get into your pants I’ve never been an asshole.  Tell me the truth!”

“You’re not an asshole, Tommy.  I was flattered to be honest.  You were single and looking so there’s no crime there.  It’ just hard for me to tell you something that sounds —- crazy!”

He snorted.  “Really?  After what I just told you?”

jaycee nodded.  “I think I sent that thing to the hacking singer.”

Tommy fell back into his chair with a thud.  “How the hell did you do that?”

“I was so mad.  Furious.  Outraged that anyone would have the nerve to use my friend like that.  She’s good people, Tommy,  one of those unsuspecting types.  That idiot knew it and he —  used her, hacking into her phone and watching her for more than two years.  I remember what I heard about this blue monster and I told her to write a letter to the guy – on that bright blue paper you’ve heard about.  All the while I was focusing sending the creature to the bastard.  Not for revenge – for justice.”

Tommy was silent for a few moments, ingesting what he’d just heard.  When he spoke again, he had a much lower tone to his voice,  “Then you performed Magick, Jaycee.  You’re a redheaded witch and you cast a spell that sent that monster to xxxx to even the score.   The thing is, that even though you’re a rank amateur, it worked…….”







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  1. I LOVE this idea! You’re adding a modern twist and it’s something most any woman can relate to. The blue creature is pure evil and that works too. Now, about the magic. It’s a GREAT idea as well!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. chella says:

    Very, very interesting. Claire and Jaycee are fun, cool and brining in the whole hacking thing is smart of you. I vote yes to keep this in the book!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yolanda says:

    OMG this idea gets a huge thumbs up from me!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Nina says:

    This story is getting GOOD!!!


  5. Tully says:

    This angle to your tale is great! Keep it going from here!


  6. Cat says:

    Love this too. This is taking time but it’s worth the wait I’m thinking.


  7. jocelyn says:

    Ooooohhhhh……definitely good storytelling here!


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