The Snake Who Spied On Me

This is an idea for characters in my “Infusion Blue” Horror Romance Series.  Stay tuned for more about Claire and Jaycee!  Nancy

Might be adding these characters and this situation…

Claire sat very straight in her chair and looked out the window, lost in thought.  How did it ever end up like this?

“Do you want to tell me about it?”  Jaycee asked quietly, not sure if her friend, no, her best friend since Kindergarten, was ready to talk about him.  Not it mind you, him.  That much Jaycee was sure about.

Claire shifted her green eyes back to Jaycee, and nodded.  “Yes, I do.  And again, no, I don’t.”

Jaycee brushed back her flaming red hair, sat forward, and folded her hands between her knees just like she always did when she gave someone her undivided attention.  “OK.  I’m all ears.  Whenever you’re ready.”

Claire started slowly, “I – I was soooo stupid, Jaycee!!”  She paused to catch her breath.  “This guy.  This ridiculous situation.  It all happened so fast!”  Jaycee stayed quiet, knowing full well that her friend was just taking a moment.  “He’s this singer.”  She looked at Jaycee’s raised eyebrows.  “No, you won’t believe it.  It’s too nuts.”

This time Jaycee spoke up, but kept her voice soft.  “Try me.”

Claire turned away, then faced Jaycee again with just a hint of a tear running down her cheek.  “He’s famous.  You’ll know who it is.  So — I can’t.  No!  I can’t say the name!”

Jaycee nodded.  “All right.  You don’t have to .  Just for God’s sake tell me what the sonofabitch did!”

Claire smiled.  She and Jaycee always stood up for each other.  No matter what.  And they had seen some things in the 40 years they’d been friends.  40 years!  It even sounded strange to Claire to think much less ever say out loud.  And the two of them always stood together, one brunette and one redhead, through thick and thin, facing the playground bullies, the Mean Team (as they named them) in high school, and later on, a rather nasty professor who tried to push things way too far with Jaycee.

So she should be comfortable, Claire told herself, and yet, this was different.  She felt hurt.  She felt used.  She felt abused.  She felt shocked.  All of them.  And it was damn hard to put into words.  “OK.  I’ll do that.  No names right now though.”  Jaycee nodded.  “Well, it all started about 3 years ago.  I went to this show while I was away, that time I was visiting my cousin Linda, remember?, and she had tickets to this Christmas show.  She got the flu and couldn’t make it, so I ended up going alone.  It was a great show.  I enjoyed it.  But……that’s where something really, really strange happened.”

Claire took a deep breath and went on,  “I found myself staring at the guy on stage singing.  It was as if I knew him.  But aside from some of his songs I knew nothing at all about him.  This was huge, Jaycee.  I felt like I couldn’t stop myself.  There he was, singing his songs, and I did this staring thing like I never saw a real live man before. ”  Jaycee laughed a bit at that.  It helped Claire relax just a tad. “I felt I knew him.  I mean this whole story was in my head.”

Claire — too sweet for her own good!

“What story, honey?”

“That I knew him from a past life.”

Jaycee sat back in her chair, pushed the thick locks of flaming red hair out of her eyes and stared at Claire.  “A past life?  Is that what you said?  In all these years you’ve never talked about that to me. I mean, if you felt you had a past life it’s the first I’ve ever heard about it.”

Claire nodded.  “I know.  That’s part of what has me so spooked.  I kept it hidden because I figured it was my imagination.  I’ve had dreams, Jaycee.  Lots of them. Since I was a kid.  But I figured it was not real.  Just a dream fantasy.”

“And singer-dude?  How does he fit in?”

“I was married to him.  In that past life.”

Now Jaycee looked totally shocked.  Claire couldn’t remember seeing her bff look quite like this before.  “Claire, honey, how did all of this affect you?  I mean you saw the singer-dude, and thought he was the guy from a dream you had -”

“No, Jaycee, lots of dreams!  Not just one!”

Jaycee put her hands up.  “Okay.  Okay.  Lots of dreams.  But what does that have to do with anything?”

Now Claire stood up and started pacing around the room.  “He saw me staring.  I mean he really, really did.  It was a small theatre!”

“Are you sure?  They have those lights on them up there, maybe he didn’t.  Besides, you probably only thought you were staring that hard.  Maybe you weren’t.”

Claire let out a tense laugh.  “Oh, I wasn’t just staring, Jaycee.  I was like the freaking walking dead!  Complete zombie!”

“Even so, how did all of this end up bad?  Even if you were doing a zombie thing, and singer-dude saw it, so what?”

“Jaycee — HE STARED BACK!!

Once again, Claire saw a kind of shock on her friend’s face that was new to her.  “Holy crap!  He thought you were coming on to him?  And he —–”

Claire and Jaycee — mostly inseparable since age 5. Through school, boyfriends, husbands, stepkids and all that came in between!

“Yea.  He was telling me yes!”

“All right.  We’re at this point. What happened next?”

“The show ended, and I took my stupid zombie ass out of that theatre as fast as I could.  Maybe I knocked over some old lady.  I can’t be sure.”  Jaycee flashed that crooked smile of hers that only came out when something crazy was said. “But it bothered me after.  Long after.”

“What did you do?”

“Not much at first.  But I wanted to explain.  To singer-dude.  Let him know I’m not nuts or some 40something groupie or whatever.  So, two months later, I finally worked up my courage and I wrote him a letter.”

“Go on.”

” I pretty much told him what happened.  That it was like I knew him.  That I wasn’t nuts and that I did not make a habit of staring down strangers.”  Claire bit her lip before going on.  “I signed it with my name, address, phone number and email address.  I wanted to let him know it wasn’t a hoax letter or a fake person.  I also hoped to actually talk to him.”

Jaycee kept her cool very well now.  “Claire, you were interested in this singer-dude guy, then?”

“Yea.  The craziest part is that it was love at first sight.”

Now Jaycee let out that breath she had taken in a few moments ago.  “Geez.  That’s another first for you.  Me?  I fall for a guy in 30 seconds.  But you?  He’d have time to marry someone else and have four kids before you decided to even go out with him.  No wonder you’re so screwed up by all of this!”

Claire smiled.  “I’ll say.”

“Still, hon, what happened that was so bad?”

“There’s no other but to just say it.  He hacked me.  Singer-dude.  Hacked my phone, including my camera, got into my WiFi and hacked my computer, knew what I was watching on my apps, and then, he started playing music on my radio apps that was intended to send out a message to me.”

“Holy shit!  How’d you figure all this out?”

“It took a long time.  I didn’t know for about a year.   Then one day, I played a song of his on an app, and saw the singer-dude played the same song on his Facebook page. It became a regular habit. Every time I’d play one of his songs – he’d share it on his page.  That started my suspicion.  It grew from there.”

“Holy shit!”

“You said that already.”

“What happened after that?”

“We had a relationship between us – over the phone, computer, whatever.  Nothing gross at all ever happened, but, I still didn’t like it that he wouldn’t actually contact me.  He gave me a shout out once “I love you” when I told him I never heard him express feelings for me.  We had a special song for God’s sake.  It was the weirdest thing I ever encountered, but you know, it was like he was part of my life.  And I made excuses for the guy.  Felt sorry for him.  Believed him to be a good man in a tough situation.  I thought he was honestly interested in me.  To me, that was the only explanation for his spying.”

Jaycee snorted.  “Yea, you would think that.  You trust people.  This bastard could tell that.  I’m sure of it. Where are you at with all of this now?”

“Singer-dude divorced his long-suffering wife, and showed up with a woman he once had an open affair with online.  Just showed up with her. Started posting pictures. Like it was nothing. Like I was never anything at all to him.”

“Sweet Jesus!”

Claire started to cry now.  “Honestly, I don’t know what to do about it.  I mean, I have no proof that this guy hacked me for 2 years.  There’s nothing I can do.”

Jaycee’s blue eyes glowed with a sudden idea.  “Oh  yes, there is, Claire.  You need to write him another letter.”

“Oh, right. A lot of good that did me in the past.”

Jaycee got up and went to a desk in the corner of her home office, opened the bottom drawer and pulled out printer paper.  “I’ve heard some rumors, Claire.  Lots of them actually.  They’re getting pretty intense.  I want you to write to singer-dude today – as soon as you get home.  And then mail the letter.”

“Why?  And what kind of rumors are you talking about?”

“Rumors about some of kind of monster.  Maybe it’s all just talk, I don’t know.  But if it’s real I know that you must use this paper.”  She nodded to the stack of paper on her desk.  “There’s envelopes there to match as well.”

“I’m clueless about this — monster??  But okay.  If I write this letter on that paper –  I really need to know why.”

“No.  Don’t worry about why.  Just trust me.”  Jaycee smiled.  “I haven’t let you down yet, have I?”  She knew Claire would agree.  And she knew Claire would write a letter and send it off.  But would it do anything?  Was that monster so many talked about actually real?

Claire shook her head and got up to leave. “No, you haven’t ever let me down!  Thanks, Jaycee.  For everything.  For not thinking I’m some crazy idiot.  For believing in me.”

“If it’s one thing I’ve learned in all this time, Claire, it’s that you are always for real.  No matter what.  That’s why I want you to send that bastard that letter.  Promise me you will?”

Claire nodded. “Yes.  I’ll do it as soon as I get home.”

The two friends hugged and Jaycee walked Claire to the door.

Claire got into her car, took out the briefcase she kept in the backseat, and very carefully placed the bright blue paper with the matching envelopes into it.  How pretty, she thought, just like robin’s eggs.  






15 Comments Add yours

  1. A very interesting twist. Your characters are so real. Like they were actually people we could meet.


  2. Nina says:

    And it’s blue paper?? That attracts the monster? Awesome! Just what that hacking bastard deserves!


  3. Chit! I love Jaycee already! Yup. The singer-dude has something coming to him!


  4. Yolanda says:

    Every woman on the planet under 80 has been hacked. Maybe some over 80 LOL. We all want this bastard to get his due. Ha!!! Great characters, Nancy. I vote to keep them!


  5. Tully says:

    Yup it happens in real life too. Love these two. Such good friends. The singer dude should be brought down! Can’t wait to read more about it!


  6. Sandy says:

    Hackers are everywhere. Especially with smart phones. Man, I got hacked a few times and it’s really embarrassing. Glad to see you put some spunky characters in this story. Especially Jaycee! She’ll slay ’em that’s for sure!


  7. Jill says:

    That singer dude sounds familiar? Probably is. There’s so many out there like him LOL. An asshole is who you describe here and we’ve ALL met them. Ya, hackers are all too smart nowadays. They creep in like bugs. I say let’s get out the insecticide!! Great characters here – everyone will love those two!


  8. Angela says:

    If you have ever been hacked by a guy then you’ll really relate here. It’s gross and I’m pretty sure it’s illegal. Invasion of privacy or something. This singer dude sounds like an egotistical prick and I am glad he’ll get ripped to pieces by that monster. Justice!! Keep these two girls in your story — they have a lot going for them!


  9. Kelly-J says:

    A little revenge goes a long way! Jaycee sounds great and really, really dangerous to cross! But it’s horror and that’s the kind of characters you need to keep it juicy. We love reading about someone going over the top to make someone pay who actually did something wrong. Very good creative content, Nancy. Looking forward to this series!


  10. Linda says:

    Oh God yes! These two girls are fantastic! Can I call them girls? LOL Maybe shouldn’t worry about it! I really love this series, Nancy. Can’t wait to read more!


  11. Lucille says:

    The bastard gets what he deserves! I can’t imagine how that must feel finding out that some creeper was hacking you! Great add to your story – I think I may like this series best, and I do enjoy your other work. Keep it going!


  12. chella says:

    Creepy but too true. Fiction imitates real life here.


  13. NickysCave says:

    Ohh yea. Had this happen a few times. It’s a whole different world out there now for singles. If you break up with a guy — beware you may get hacked by him!!!


  14. Cat says:

    I”m in my 60s and frequently date men in their 40s and 50s so they are younger and very comfortable with tech stuff. I am too but I was caught unawares once by a guy I had dated for about 6 months and broke it off when he started showing up at my job. Hated that. But then I discovered he had hacked my smart phone. He was listening to me and heard my conversation with my best friend about how I felt freaked out by him showing up at my job. He called me that night and apologized, telling me that he didn’t mean to be scary. Once again I freaked out and asked him why he was calling then. After a few tries at making excuses, he admitted to hacking me. I went to the phone store the next day and they were very helpful about security solutions. It can still happen, but, I will get alerts about suspicious activity on my apps. Also, I keep my phone locked and off, or, use airplane mode when it is idle. That’s what they said to do in addition to the watchdog apps. Great element for your story, Nancy. We can all relate!


  15. Ginny says:

    These two women are fantastic! Very true to life! Hackers are everywhere these days.


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