A Delay Here – Other Projects Are Taking My Time


Well, I am quite sure I won’t be starting this series in 2018.  I’m not sure what year, but, perhaps 2019 or 2020.

The reason is that my work on YouTube is becoming quite successful and I’m focusing my attention on that.

Feedback, etc.  

It’s hard for a writer these days.  I believe wholeheartedly that digital media is the way to go from here on, and has been for years now, but, I find that unless I decide to spend thousands of $$ on promoting my work, I will not get the sales or recognition that I need in order to continue putting so much effort into my writing projects.

So, while my love for Infusion Blue is still as strong as ever, I won’t be working on it for at least a year.  Or longer than that.

I will leave my posts here on this blog that are already written, and may send out the odd Facebook message for this series.  Who knows?  Perhaps my YouTube Channels will bring attention here to my writing.  That would be great!

If you want to see or hear about me, here are the links:

Tarot And Astrology By Nancy Welker On YouTube 

FBTV By Nancy Welker On YouTube 


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  1. Absolutely. You need to strike while the iron is hot. Go after that talk show!


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