It’s Hard To Have Sex With A Monster Outside The Door

Well, hell yea it is! 

I like to add a little bit of humor to my story, give it that comic relief moment, in order to keep it from being nothing but monster vs. victim scene after scene – after scene.

A sexy aspect to the story is also great.  I like to add some spice.  If you’re looking for soft porn you need to keep looking because it isn’t here.  But, there is heat.  Plenty of it.  Just the way God and Mother Nature intended for human beings to be.

It does get a bit tricky though.  

If you have to plan your sex life around your work schedule, kids and pets that pretty normal.  Most everyone does that.  But unfortunately for my characters they also have a vaporous Blue Devil Beast to deal with in addition to all the other inconveniences.  Geez.  Life really is tough!

Some survive.  

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And you may guess it – others do not.  It’s nearly impossible to fight something with an immeasurable amount of strength, and one that you can’t see.  Add Shapeshifter to the mix and you’ve got a villain that is damn near indestructible.  Near.

What is the answer?  

There is one.  Not every couple is able to have sex with a monster outside the door and live to tell about it, but, somehow others pull it off.

I do struggle with the how and why my survivors are able to defeat an enemy they can’t see or begin to understand.  But there’s a lot of layers to what my Blue Devil Beast is and why he’s come to Earth.

Without writing a spoiler here, which is not my intention, it is only when a man or woman gets close enough to the reasons for the Blue Devil Beast existence, that they are able to find ways to best him.

And until they do they come to realize that it’s hard to have sex with a monster outside the door.

Enough said there.  

Until next month, friends!  Thank you so much for the positive feedback and support for this project!



7 Comments Add yours

  1. Jill says:

    This series sounds soooooo good!!!


  2. HA HA!!! Keep up the humor it does make for a better read! Or watch someday perhaps???


  3. Nina says:

    Maybe they can’t have sex easily under those conditions but I bet they’ll try like crazy!! Love ya sweetie!! Oh…and ONCE AGAIN that pic looks so much like you it’s nuts. Just model for your own images already! You’re as pretty or prettier!


  4. erin says:

    He He…..


  5. cheryl says:

    Sex with a monster outside? You got my attention LOL!


  6. Kelly-J says:

    Yup. But it makes for one helluva cool story!


  7. Christina says:

    Just read this again, and the other blog posts too. This series has so much potential, hon. Please do all you can to publish it next year. It could be a hit!


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