Seeing Her Blue Dress Hit The Floor

The heartbreak she carried with her…..

Noel had always loved her name.  It was unique and gave her a great way to strike up a conversation.

Her mom did good in that respect.  It never made up for the fact that she left her dad when Noel was but two years old, and, when a lot of detective work paid off and Noel found her birth mother 20 years later, it was to find not her mom in the flesh, but a headstone in a graveyard instead.

The private detective she’d hired said that Vicky Britt, her mother’s maiden name, died but eight months after she mysteriously disappeared – leaving Noel’s dad with a broken heart and a sour attitude about romance and Noel herself with a cynical view of love and sex.

Until now…..

Sean was unlike any man Noel had ever met in her now 40something (that she admitted to of course) years, and she was ready to take the relationship up to the next level – meaning sleep with the guy.

She took extra care in getting ready for the big night. From flat-ironing her long, dark hair, to applying the perfect amount of makeup to donning the bright blue slip of a dress she bought on a whim – not being totally sure she’d have the nerve to wear it.

And wear it she did. And very well at that. Noel had kept her body in top condition.  She was a head-turner and she was well aware of that fact.  But she kept her cool for the most part and typically men found it impossible to get past the security fence Noel had in place.

But Sean was different. Tall, blonde, and blue-eyed, he was the exact opposite of the dark, brooding type that attracted Noel – if any had a chance it was usually the Bad Boy.  They were predictable and she liked that.  Bad Boys smiled, lied, got a girl in bed and were gone before dawn.  And Noel liked that best of all.  No, she loved it.  It fit her lifestyle to a T. Not to mention it served to confirm her belief that all men were basically no good.

And so she felt her hands shaking a little as she slid the slinky blue thing off the hanger and onto her perfect size 2 figure.  It was a sight to behold.  It left something to the imagination – not much mind you but something – and as the saying goes “nothing came between Noel and her dress”.  Not a damn thing.

Bright pink strappy heels and a matching clutch completed the ensemble and Noel gave herself one last look in the mirror before she made for the door.

Her hair was smooth and glossy and it seemed to caress her shoulders as it made its way down her slim back to her narrow waist.  Her green eyes were bright and had a mischievous look in them.  Her full, pouty mouth had a sweep of just-the-right-shade of pink on it and the long silver earrings she wore reflected the light in those green eyes. Yes, she was a vision.  Sean was a goner and didn’t stand a chance.

A very intimate moment…..

Noel felt Sean reach around her and heard the sound of her zipper coming down. Slowly.  Very. He kissed her deeply and her head started to spin.

The slinky blue dress hit the floor, creating a puddle of color at her feet.  Noel began to step over it, but caught her heel on the blue fabric.  Sean didn’t miss the cue.

He reached down and freed the delicate stiletto heel from the fabric, and gently, ever so gently, slid the shoe off her small, sweetly shaped, foot.

In a moment he had her pressed against him, the passion between them rising higher and higher.  Sean had been with many women.  More than he’d care to admit.

But this was different for him too.  This was special. Better than good.  It was deep and real and goddamned hot. Blue hot.

He knew then for sure that he loved her.  Wanted to keep this amazing beauty in his arms, his bed and his life from now on.  His own head started to spin.  How could he do that? How could he tame this wild spirit he held in the most intimate embrace?

Morning came early…..

Loud thunder awakened Sean just past 3 AM.  The first thing he did was look over to be sure that Noel was still there next to him.  He smiled.  She surely was.  She didn’t bolt!

But lightning lit up the room and the wind howled outside the French doors. He’d heard many big blows come in being a Florida native and it didn’t upset him in the least to hear the thunder and lightening grow louder and louder until it sounded like a giant monster was just beyond their terrace.

What happened here…??

“I have absolutely no idea what to say about this.”  Officer Taylor scratched his head and looked around.  The remains of a house almost completely leveled by what was for everyone else in the area just an average tropical thunderstorm were everywhere.  The lawn was covered with fragments of siding, large chunks of glass were strewn around, and even a door, mostly still intact, lay on the grass face down.

“Do we know if anyone was here at the time?”  Officer Keith now spoke.  Being junior to Taylor he didn’t conceal his shock as well.  “God!  What the hell happened?”  His eyes widened as he looked around.

Taylor smiled a crooked smile and shrugged.  “We’ll know more when the investigation team gets through here.  Until then……” his voice trailed off.

One of the firefighters approached them, carrying something.  “I found this.  It makes me believe someone was here at the time.  At least right before all this happened.”

Officer Taylor looked at the remains of the shredded blue dress and felt a chill.  He’d seen one just like that recently at the boutique where his wife worked.  He almost bought it for her.  “I hope they got out.”  He looked around at the devastation once again.  “For their sakes.”

Sorry, I can’t say for certain that Noel and Sean survive! But maybe…..

Look for the 1st book in the “Infusion Blue” series, “Without Notice” in October 2018. Until then I’ll be writing a monthly Blue Clue.

Be back in June everyone!










21 Comments Add yours

  1. Yolanda says:

    SEXY scene….gurlfriend you hit all the notes here!!!


  2. Nina says:

    HOT HOT HOT….. man, that smokes!!!!


  3. Kelly-J says:

    Perfect sex scene. Hot as hell but you keep it decent. Love it that you draw that line. This series could be a mega hit. Hoping!!


  4. chella says:

    Intense. Sexual. What’s not to love?


  5. cheryl says:

    Chit. That’s sizzling!!!


  6. Cat says:

    Nancy, this is going to be a great series. Suspense and sex. You’re going in the right direction. I’m rooting for you!!


  7. Jill says:

    I love sexy reads! Thank you for turning this into what will be one my favorites I’m sure!!!!


  8. Christina says:

    Hey sex sells, honey, and I get into a book that gets steamy. It’s what makes the world go round and by the way…..Noel sounds a bit like YOU….he he


  9. Tully says:

    Let’s see. Long dark hair. Check. Gorgeous body. Check. Green eyes. Check. Noel = Nancy. Check!! XOXO


  10. erin says:

    It does sound like you Nancy….how cool!! You’re doing such amazing things. This could be your best writing project yet. Go for it. Just always go for it and you’ll get to the top. Love you girl!!!!


  11. Lucille says:

    Hot hot hot!!!!


  12. Sandy says:

    I also like the sexy reads. Jazz it for me I have no problem with that!


  13. Angela says:

    Noel and Sean are hot characters with lots of good on paper chemistry. Want to read the first book so bad!


  14. Ginny says:

    Really love the added sex. Keep it going girlfriend!


  15. Linda says:

    SEX and the devil? Are you kidding? My two favorite book subjects LOL LOVE THIS!!!


  16. Hot stuff. It leaves all the best to the imagination.


  17. chella says:



  18. Kelly-J says:

    I love sex in a story. Really spices it up. Keep it going.


  19. Jill says:

    Hot sex. Scary monster. What’s not to love????


  20. You’re on to something special here. Get it published quick so I can enjoy it. Absolute Y-E-S to the sexy aspect. You have it for that. You look like you could still be “the girl” in the story. So use that to your advantage!


    1. Nancy Welker says:

      Thank you and big HUGS out!


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