Came To Me Out Of The Blue

Something like a windstorm. 

For the mind at least.  I got this wild idea for a new series not long ago.  Actually, I’d been kicking it around for some time, but, since I have one fiction series already in progress, with two titles published, and another non-fiction series that I began publishing back in 2012, I was rightly wondering if I had enough hours in the day to start another.  As of this morning, I have determined that I do have enough hours in the day.  Hey, sleep is overrated.

And the gales of ideas for a storyline just kept coming!  I’m now in the middle of jotting down my outline, yes I said outline even though I have never done this before in my entire life and I’ve been writing since I was 8 years old, and so you may look for the debut of this romance/sci-fi/fantasty/horror series sometime in May or June of 2016.

Staying with shorter reads. 

I like them.  And the feedback I get from my readers is that they like them too.  So “if it aint’ broke…” is how I’m thinking right now.

The actual word count is up for grabs.  But it’ll probably be 20K or less.  I’m not carving that into stone and don’t think I ever will.  Even though I’m working up an outline, it’s just a sketch really, I will not be mapping out my books and making myself write up to X word count.  I write until it feels like a natural breaking point and that’s the style I prefer.

How many? 

Again there’s no hard and fast rules for me.  I will commit to 3 to 5 but it could be much, much longer.  This is the kind of series that can go on for generations of characters so there’s lots to work with in the way of a framework.

Thank God.  

Absolutely.  I was given quite a few gifts in life.  I’m good at many things.  Writing has always come so natural for me and I am totally thankful and always humble enough to say that I’m fortunate and want to work with what I was given and not allow it to go to waste.

So, look for lots more about my “Infusion Blue” series.  When I say “what comes out of the blue will scare the hell out of you” is both a warning and a teaser depending on the genre you prefer.  I have loved gothic, horror, sci-fi and mysteries for as long as I have been able to read so I do have a tendency to lean toward the scary stuff.


8 thoughts on “Came To Me Out Of The Blue

  1. You are amazing!! There’s no end to your talent! I am in awe when I read about you. You never give up or let things get you down for long. And then you rise up with this fantastic idea and get to work. WISHING YOU LUCK AND SENDING YOU LOVE!!!


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